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we believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client.

Hugh Cummings started this business with the idea of providing the kind of service you would want for your family and friends at an affordable rate. It all began in 1945 from a modest home in Burlington, IA. Seventy years later, David Hazell, the grandson of Hugh Cummings, continues to lead the tax preparation business with the same old fashioned values established over the many years. 

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David Hazell

David Hazell

We thank all our clients from the past as you are the soul and backbone of our business. We look to future clients as the new force by which we build and maintain our progressive years ahead. We appreciate serving the Greater Burlington region and the many clients who live outside of Iowa. In fact, we provided tax services to residents in 23 states last year. 

Jon Hazell

Our mission is to provide a simple and thorough experience ensuring each client that your financial well being is promoted, all the while maintaining the integrity of the tax code system. 

Hugh Cummings